Friday, March 30, 2012

what you can afford after the Mega Millions drawing

With the Mega Millions Jackpot at $640 million, we started thinking. Assuming, after taxes and opting for a lump sum, you netted about $290 million, what could you do at next summer, with that money?

Let's say you want to go small. Perhaps you'd like to buy a "few" envirosax" to make the world a greener place. Well, with $290 million, you could afford 29 million $10 sax - that's enough to hold 1,276,000,000 pounds of produce, or enough watermelons so every single person in the US could enjoy a whole melon today and another half melon tomorrow. 

How about some fun socks? You'd have enough money to put 3.5 pairs of $10 socks on the feet of every single person in New York City. 

Is that not enough impact? Maybe you'd like to celebrate your winnings with others. At only $5 apiece, you could buy enough of these crystal candle holders to celebrate the third birthday of every single child born in India for the next 9 months!

What about the Saratoga Thoroughbred Racing Needlepoint belt? The average male requires a 36" belt and stands 5'6". If you bought $290 million worth of these $165 belts, there would be enough belts to stretch around the earth over 2.5 times. 

Sometimes it can be an ugly world out there and we want to beautify it.  A little odor control would go a long way. These $38 candles from Aquiesse burn for a 100 hours each. With $290 million you could enjoy a full year's worth of fresh scent on every individual square foot of land across 2 whole acres. 

All it takes is a dollar and a dream!

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