Monday, March 26, 2012

Mad Men of Saratoga

With the season premiere of Mad Men last night fresh in our minds, we decided to take a look around next summer to find those items that Don, Betty, Peggy, Pete, Roger, and Joan would most like. Some of these items they may already have, but we're sure, if they do, we could find something else for them.

We think Betty would love this fruit basket, it's got her sophisticated flair, and it's the perfect place for her to store the lemons that go so well in her regular "afternoon" drink. 

We've seen how Pete has treated that couch in his office. Now that he's finally getting to move to a better office with more windows, maybe he'd like something a little lighter and airier. This one's perfect. It's Danish Modern and would be a great contrast to the Corbusier pieces in Roger's office. 

In the picture below we have a few different items for a few different people. Peggy would love to install this clock in Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price. It might finally get everyone down to work so she can land that Heinz account. 
Don is by no means a teetotaler, but some tea in the white Bauer tea pot might be just what the doctor ordered. If not, he can return to his regular drinks served in the blue Russel Wright pitcher. We just hope Megan doesn't bring home the yellow Bauer cookie jar. It might remind Don of when Betty caught him with his hand in the proverbial jar. 

Finally, we know Joan would love to pick up this leopard print bag from Scout. She could walk into the office three weeks from now and remind everyone in the secretarial pool who the queen of the jungle really is!

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  1. What a great post! I love seeing what's in your fun store just as much as I love Mad Men!