Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012: Trends from the NY Gift Fair

We just returned from the 2012 New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF). It was a great and successful trip. Two years ago, in the height of the recession, we visited the NYIGF and found nearly all the vendors, terrified to take any chances in the bad economy, showing more of the same items from years past. There was very little new product on display. This year, however, the vendors came to play! They had pulled out all the stops and we saw a ton of new companies and new products that excited us - like the Turkish Towels (or scarves) above. We're hoping this is also an indication of the manufacturers' confidence in the economy. We feel like it's turning around and we're not alone!

This bright coaster set is from a new company out of Melbourne - Sunny Life. With a name like that they clearly have a positive outlook on the future and who wouldn't when surrounded by bold, happy stripes of color like this!

We loved this lamp (we tried to bring it to the store last year, but the supplier made so few that we weren't able to get ahold of any). This year, they promised us they'd be easier to get. It's rare to find something made of cold metal having such a warm and luxurious feel. We love the combination of modern graphics and warm light. 

After a look at something so luxurious, it's appropriate to have something more nostalgic. These bed linens are a modern take on batik. I love the use of color and modern graphics, done with a traditional method. Who wouldn't want to curl up in this each night? You know you'd wake up ready to face the world. 

Here's another example of traditional methods done with a modern graphic. It's hard to see in this photograph, but no one who stood near these bowls could resist touching them. After rolling out of bed in the morning, these would be the first thing you grabbed in your kitchen. 

Primary colors always have a big impact, especially on a clean white background. Here Zak! has created a set of individual dishes in vivid colors that can be arranged in all sorts of fun and useful ways. The set comes nicely packaged so you'll always have the right colors (easy and perfect gift option too!)

Finally, we loved this monochromatic bike. More bold colors following the trend. 

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