Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring has sprung at next summer

Well, spring, as they say, has sprung. In reverence to the season we so eagerly look forward to each winter, we've posted some of next summer's signs of spring. 

We know everyone was anticipating spring for a while now because all the walkers on Broadway seem to stop and giggle when they see our peeps-filled vase with the blooms of spring. 

But these aren't the only blossoms blooming. Come inside and see the Daisy Dish while you think about the indoor and outdoor parties you'll be throwing soon. 

Although we're still seeing a lot of brown on the ground and in the trees, we've begun to see more and more green - and green is the color of spring!

While green may be the first color that comes to mind, remember spring is the time of rebirth and all the colors begin to come out during spring. Just look at all the colors in these placemats and our space-saving stacking mugs (the perfect size for a medium-sized Keurig cup).  

Easter will be here before we know it. Next summer already has the perfect gifts. These pillows' bright colors are a subtle reminder of the spirt of spring, while the Easter eggs are a bold reminder of the season. 

But why should your head and back enjoy all the Easter fun? Let the rest of your body join in the revery with Easter soap. One bar has three bunnies hopping through floral-fragranced, Easter-egg filled grass. The other is a giant easter egg filled with fruity jelly beans.

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