Saturday, March 2, 2013

next summer goes to Washington

No, we're not moving to DC, we're moving into the new Bonacio Building - the Washington at 422 Broadway. It's official, we signed the lease this weekend and we can't wait!

We'll be co-tenants in the building with Northshire Bookstore and Kilwins Chocolate. The building is expected to be completed sometime by July of this year. That's when we'll re-open in Saratoga. Did I mention that we can't wait? We've been working for a while to find a great location in Saratoga - a town we love being part of - but we hadn't had a lot of luck, until we found this building. We're so excited to be part of the Bonacio team too. Being in the center of town and being in a Bonacio building is the perfect recipe for us. 

We hope you'll all come back to next summer . . . this summer, and see our new space. 

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