Friday, April 27, 2012

Obsessed with Kitchen Gadgets

We have been noticing a lot of smart kitchen gadgets out there.  Recent designs not only work effectively and save space, but they also look good.  From the minute we received our first shipment of these nesting bowls from Joseph Joseph (above) we have been in love.  The colors are not just for fun, they also help identify each utensil.  Measuring cups, a colander, strainer, and mixing bowl fit tightly together to save space in your cabinets.  But if you are like us, you'll leave them out on the counter instead.

Stephanie Todaro (from Design Sponge) created a list of the Top 15 Kitchen Gadgets for Foodies with an interesting mixture of classic and contemporary designs, all in bright colors and nice finishes.  We were excited to see our Joseph Joseph garlic rocker made the list! (Number 7 in the second picture.)

For more on Stephanie's post click here.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Graphic Print DIY Project

I wanted to share a project I worked on last week.  I am an avid reader of Jenny Komenda's blog Little Green Notebook.  She has good design ideas and knows how to do them on a budget.  So when I was looking to spruce up my bland bathroom I followed her tutorial on how to create a no-sew pedestal sink skirt here.

I was inspired by the new shipment of Roberta Roller Rabbit we got at the store this week.  In addition to clothing, Roberta Freyman also does a home line and sells fabric by the yard.  We sell the fabric in our store by special order and I could not resist this blue and white pattern.

I found the tutorial very easy to follow.  The only thing I changed was the type of velcro I used.  I found one at Michael's that was sticky on one side and not on the other.  This apartment is rented and I wanted to be able to remove the skirt when we leave.  I glued the non-sticky side to the fabric and adhered the sticky side to the outside of the sink.  I think I will be able to remove any residue with some Goo Gone when we leave.  What do I love the best?  The skirt not only brightens the space, but it also gives us more storage under the sink.