Sunday, January 6, 2013

Strange Things Afoot at the Circle K

I chose the reference to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in the title to this post because, well, strange things are afoot, but also, because we're headed on an excellent adventure. 

If you hadn't already heard (through facebook or our newsletter), rather than continue to deal with ongoing high drama from our landlord we've decided to take an exciting new step forward!  We've made the decision to temporarily close our brick and mortar store in Saratoga on Monday, January 7th.  While we look for a better space (and we have some interesting choices), we will be operating EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE for a few months while we work out the details of some really cool, exciting projects we've had in development for a while now (here's a hint, it will likely lead to more cool products in our Bolton location - for now).

Nearly six years ago we chose the name “next summer” because it’s optimistic and forward thinking, so forward we think to debuting in a NEW Saratoga location. Stay tuned on Facebook for updates! Of course we'll continue our blogposts and our newsletter. One thing we've truly enjoyed about being in Saratoga is the great relationships we've developed. We hope those can remain in the absence of a physical location. Please feel free to stop by over the next week and say hello. 

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