Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh, Sandy

Oh, Sandy.

You are wrecking havoc on the entire East Coast. And while we keep our coastal friends at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers, we Upstaters are bracing for impact too.

Here are a few key reminders from FEMA:
  • Follow the direction of local officials.
  • Make final preparations – If you’re further inland, now is the time to make final preparations.  Be ready for power outages and stock up on emergency supplies of food, water, medications, and other supplies.
  • Know the forecast for your area – Sandy is a large storm with potential impacts from wind, coastal flooding, inland flooding, rain, and snow.  Listen to your NOAA weather radio and local news reports, or visit weather.gov for the conditions in your area.
  • Check on your neighbor – make sure they’re ready too. (Neighbor helping neighbor is essential to a good life.)
Stay safe everyone!

We're ready... with homemade soup, stacks of magazines and dominoes on the table.

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