Sunday, May 6, 2012

Executive Visit

Well, I'm sure you've all heard, but in case you hadn't, President Obama is coming to Saratoga next week (we're sure it's because he's heard about all the new things we've gotten in at next summer, but other people seem to think he's visiting the Nanotech Campus). 

Almost everyone would love to sit down and bend the President's ear on a few things. What would you like to discuss? We, at next summer, would like to talk to him about a few important design issues. First, Air Force One, and second, the Oval Office. 

So we're all familiar with Air Force One - the President's Private 747, not the Harrison Ford movie. 

Lindsay and I even saw it taking off from Albany International Airport a few years ago. From the outside it's a pretty impressive spectacle, but have you seen it from the inside? It gets the job done, but it's really not so impressive. 

We'd like to discuss this plane with the Leader of the Free World. Like so many private planes, it looks a lot like a flying RV on the inside. Style is definitely flying coach in what should be First Class accommodations. When we began searching for some great jet interior designs that might help our president make the leap from flying Winnebago to style icon, we quickly discovered that money does not buy taste. Below are some of our favorite jet interiors. 

An interior like this might make the press crew a little less adversarial, or at the very least, help them to arrive in better shape for doing some political digging. We liked the use of light and color to make the passenger feel like he or she was in a lounge rather than an airborne sardine can. 

With meeting rooms like this the President could bring foreign dignitaries aboard for business. Who wouldn't want to sign a treaty in this atmosphere? We appreciate the warmth and comfort integrated so well with clean lines and a lack of ornament. 

While this design is merely a concept, we liked the idea of our tax dollars being used for clean restful design. 

Lastly, this shaped dining room (yes, this is in an airplane) is the perfect segue into what I'll discuss tomorrow - how we would improve on country's most famous work space - the Oval Office. 

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